Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy One Month Dayne

Dear Dayne,

This is the first letter I have written to you using your name! After nine months of wondering who you were going to be - I've had a month to get to know you. You bring such joy and happiness into both your dad and my world. It seems like you've been around forever and at the same time, it seems like just yesterday you were born. Imagining life without you isn't possible anymore. You have wormed your way deep into my heart and will forever hold a very special spot in it.

Where to begin? I like to tell you that you're my heart on the outside of my body. I love to just stare at you and realize that your dad & I made you. Our love combined created a person I love more than I thought was possible to love another person. I think having you has made me fall even more in love with your dad, which I didn't think was possible either because I love him more than words can describe! But it happened!

You have already changed so much from the first time I saw you, you're getting bigger - you are getting super kissable cheeks - which I do kiss often! And you're getting longer! I have a strong feeling you're going to be taller than your dad! I've turned into one of "those" moms, I am positive you are above average and progressing quicker than other kids your age. You have a super strong neck already - you impress people when you hold it up and check things out around you.

You also are semi-rolling as well. If we lay you on your back and there is something off to the side you want you'll reach and roll until you can get it! You also love to kick your legs and fling your arms around when you're playing - I love watching you get excited about music from your toys. Speaking of music - you usually hush down when we turn some on and sing and dance with you. The look on your face as you're watching us kind of looks like you're saying "Seriously mom/dad? You can't sing but I'll humor you to get you to shut up!"

You are a nuzzler - I love holding you on my chest and feel you nudge your way up under my chin. You also have the most heart melting coos and sighs already. When you're content you make the sweetest sounds and I can't help but smile in happiness along with you. Another sound that also makes me smile, and probably shouldn't, is when you finish a bottle and want more. You let out the cutest whimper before going into a full out cry. I hate to see you sad but that sound is beyond adorable.

You are a sucker too! You love to suck on your pacifier or your fingers - whichever is most handy. When you're fussy I'll sometimes stick the pacifier in your mouth only to be greeted by a look of horror on your face when you realize no food is coming out of this nipple. Even when you're fussy and squirmy, you still melt my heart.

You look so much like your dad - I believe you might have my eyes and my eyelashes but look wise, you take after your dad's side. Which is fine with me - I think he's a pretty good looking guy! You adore mirrors - you will stare at one for a good half hour at a time and just coo at yourself and all the reflections you see. You're starting to smile, I think I might have had one or two voluntary smiles out of you but nothing for sure yet. I can't wait to see your face light up when you see me and see that smile.

Your dad has taken to the nickname "Buster" for you, he loves having a son and loves to trade breathes with you. That's when you exhale on him and he "gobbles up your breath". He is doing his best to expose you to "good" music vs the music I listen too. :) He'll make sure you're a Pink Floyd and Pearl Jam fan if it kills him.

Your cord stump fell off a week ago and you have had two "real" baths since then - you LOVE them. You stop crying and just go lax, loving the warm water. I hope you enjoy the lake water just as much, summer is right around the corner and we'll be spending lots of time on the lake!

I am back to work full time now and you're staying at your Grandma & Grandpa M's house during the day. They just love having you over there and I love that you're bonding with them but I miss you so so much during the day. I am so excited when Dad walks in the door with you. I love when you're in your "quiet alert" phase and just taking in everything around you. You like to do your best to copy facial expressions and you show off your neck muscles by moving your head around.

There is so much about you that I've learned already in the first month, there isn't enough space to write it all down! I just treasure each day I have with you in each phase of your life. Missing the days that have passed and yet looking forward to the days ahead. I love living with you in the "now" and light up with pride each time you do something new. You are my world and I love you. I'm so glad you picked us to be your parents!

Love forever,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back To Reality

Sunday night Dayne was laying on our bed making the cutest faces and I broke down sobbing. I know I said I was ready to go back to work but the thought of missing out on most of his day killed me. I knew I was going to miss our quiet time together, miss hearing him coo and watching him learn more and more each day.

Jason walked into our room to find me kneeling next to the bed with tears running down my cheeks as I told Dayne he couldn't forget me while at Grandma & Grandpa's house. It was a switch from the me a few weeks ago who was clawing at the door to go back to work because the idea of spending time alone all day drove me up the wall. He gave me a hug and told me I was a great mom.

Monday morning I woke up and changed Dayne's diaper, got him dressed and fed him as Jason packed his diaper bag for the day. I cried as I fed him and when Jason put him in his car seat I started bawling again. I didn't want to leave him, I must have kissed his little face a million times as Dayne gave me a look that said "Oh mom! Chill out!"

The tears stopped after Jason left and I finished getting myself ready for work. I only teared up for the rest of the day, no actual crying was done thank goodness. My co-workers and customers were all thrilled I was back and I had a lot to catch up on. I still glanced at the clock every five minutes hoping the day was flying by - which is was NOT!

My mother in law sent several emails with pictures to include me in his day - I loved them but they caused more tears to start building behind my eyes. I wanted to be there in person not a person on the outside. I didn't want to miss a moment and I was! Jason sent an email from Dayne to me - telling me he was enjoying his time at Grandma and Grandpa's but couldn't wait to see me after work. Again - some more teary eyed moments.

Jason arrives home an hour after I do so I used that time to straighten up the house, do a load of laundry, clean his bottles from the night feedings and grab a few minutes of TV time. The second they both came through that door I was hugging and kissing and sighing with happiness that my son was back in my arms where he belonged. I was only dissapointed that he was sleepy and spent several hours napping in my arms instead of being alert so I could connect with him. That made me cry, not being able to have a moment of eye to eye contact and see him attempt to smile and see his faces and hear him coo.

This morning there were no tears as they left but I have had a few teary eyed moments because of the same feelings. I'm missing out and I miss him like crazy. My weekends will take on a whole new meaning, I want to spend time with him and make up for the week while I was working. I'm happy to be back to work, I truly am. I feel good after I leave the office knowing I've acomlisphed a great days work. Yesterday was a great ego boost to be told again and again how missed I was and how happy they were that I was back.

But the true highlight of my day was to see how Dayne was able to actually move his hand to his mouth and start sucking on his fingers. Something he's been trying to do since day one. He's growing so much and really starting to figure things out. Seeing him suck on his fingers brought happy tears to my eyes - my baby boy is growing up. I can't get enough of him.

Monday, March 28, 2011


That's the lesson I've learned so far as a mom, breathe. The kid is screaming, you're wearing spit up on your shoulder, you haven't eaten or taken a nap all day and you're joining in on the tears. You just breathe.

Last week I hit a breaking point - Dayne must have been going through his three week growth spurt because he refused naps and became extra cranky. Thursday was a non nap day, Thursday night was an hour here or there between feedings and screaming fits. Friday he was again fighting his naps. I was crying right along with him as I held him in my arms and rocked, sang, danced - anything to calm him down.

I watched the clock, counting the hours until Jason got home so I could get some help. I realized I was crashing and soon so I picked up the phone and called my mother in law. I was going to calmly ask her to come over to help me out but the second she answered and asked how I was I started bawling. She told me she'd be over in a few minutes and hung up.

With my parents in Florida it has been a blessing to have such fantastic in laws right around the corner to help out at the very hint of trouble. She arrived with food and then ushered me to bed, telling me to get a nap in and she'd take care of Dayne.

I woke up an hour later feeling refreshed and hungry! Not only had she gotten me down for a nap, Dayne was still resting peacefully as well! That caused me tears again, how could she do it and not me? Was it proof I wasn't a good enough mother? She told me sometimes we just need a break from each other and Dayne and I were feeding off each others stress.

This weekend Jason spent a lot of time with Dayne and I, bemoaning the fact that he only gets a few hours at night with us due to his job. He picked up a lot of feedings and diaper changes. He would shoo me away when I went to pick Dayne up and tell me to either let him cry for a bit or he would deal with it. The weekend was peaceful and towards lunch time on Saturday I felt my stress drop. As a team, we were pretty awesome.

I have learned that I am a working mom, as much as it kills me to say it, because I do feel guilty in the fact that I will be away from him much of his day during the week. But work keeps me sane and I know that for the first few weeks I'm at work, my in laws will have Dayne and that makes me feel fantastic. We've even agreed to have them watch him part time during the week and then day care part time.

I'm slowly adjusting to the role of mom, I'm ready to take on the challenges and learn how to overcome obstucles we may face. It really helps that I have such an amazing support group as well - my parents, my in laws, my fantastic husband and my amazing friends. Without them, I think I'd still be rocking in a corner, crying.

Motherhood - it's a crazy ride but one that I look forward to now.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things They Don't Tell You

Let me start off by saying Dayne is a blessing and a wonder - I love him with all my heart and would never trade what I have in him.

That being said - no one can ever prepare you for what motherhood is - I can't even prepare you for it after being a mom for a mere two weeks. I came home from the hospital and cried & cried. I cried over everything, I still have moments where I cry, I'm crying now. It has gotten much easier each day though, but those hormones dropping after pregnancy really sent me for a loop!

I didn't want to eat, I was full of nerves and anxiety. I'm still full of nerves and anxiety but each day I get a little closer to being more comfortable being responsible for this child's life, well being and every need. It's SO overwhelming, at least it was for me. I knew I was suffering from the baby blues and it was so nice to have Jason home with me to help out. But he only had one week off and when he went back to work on that Monday I was terrified of being alone.

I cried, sobbed, often during the day. When I heard his car pull up I rushed out just to get a hug and be reassured it was OK. I was living my life in two hour increments, Dayne wanted to eat, Dayne needed his diaper changed, Dayne didn't want to nap, Dayne wanted to be held. I went from doing what I wanted, when I wanted to being dictated by a 9 pound wonder.

I wanted to throw up the morning I had to take him to his first well baby visit - going out of the house with him? In the car? It was enough to send me into sobs again and I shook when I was signing him into the doctor and sweated while I waited. I felt like everyone was looking at me and realizing I was a total fraud, that I wasn't cut out to be a mom!

The guilt nags at me daily too, I feel guilty for not paying enough attention to him. Should I be putting him in his swing when all I want to do is escape to the computer or TV for a little bit? I should be playing with him, interacting with him. Am I doing enough for him? Should I be doing more? How do you interact much with a two week old?

I switched from breast feeding to formula - I feel guilt in that. Breast milk is best and formula is second (but a close second). Still the books and magazines stress how breast milk is better but not to feel bad about formula. How can I not?! It makes me feel like I'm robbing him of the very best but I just cannot do it this time around. My supply was really low and the constant attachment to him to nurse was sending me in tail spins of crying jags. Jason & I both agreed to switch to formula.

I feel guilt because I've already given him a pacifier because he's just a sucker - he cannot keep his fingers in his mouth and cries with frustration after a while. So I introduced the pacifier and he seems happy with it sometimes, other times he spits it right back out.

I feel guilty because I want to go back to work to regain a sense of "me" and a schedule that I set but then I feel my heart drop that someone else will be watching him. I have to go back to work - there isn't a choice in that and most days I look forward to walking back into my office. But every once in a while I want to cry because someone other then me will be taking care of him for the majority of the day. The books tell you that's OK and it's good for everyone but tell that to my guilt!

I feel like because I gave up BF'ing and want to go back to work that I let my husband down even though he tells me I'm crazy for thinking that. I wonder if he expected a "better mom" for his child than I currently am. One that treasured staying at home and relished in breast feeding. I know in my heart that's not true, I know he just wants me to be happy but still the guilt creeps up.

Part of me cannot wait until Dayne starts smiling and cooing and being more interactive so I stop being so "bored" and then I think "What kind of mom am I that I'm BORED with my child?" I watch him from the time Jason leaves in the morning to the time he comes home - that's 11 hours a day! Then I'm on night shift because Jason has to get up so early - another 9 hours or so. I get about a five hour break when Jason is home. That's if he spends all that time with Dayne, last night he wanted to work on the letters for his name in the nursery so I was upstairs with Dayne once again.

Jason tells me to let Dayne cry for a little bit and don't worry so much about attending his every need the very second he demands it. But it's hard to put him down and listen to him cry, knowing he's crying for a reason, not because he just wants to cry. Dayne likes to sleep on me, something I both welcome at times and other times curse myself for. He'll have one moment in the middle of the night where he won't go back to sleep and I'm up with him for at least two hours trying everything to get him to calm down and go back to sleep.

I feel like a slug because my stomach pooch, while much smaller, is still there. The stretch marks around my belly button raditing out like the rays of a sun, the jiggle I get every time I walk and the fact that my belly button looks like it may never return to normal. I know it takes time to go back but I want it back, I don't want to look pregnant while toting a baby around.

I WANTED this, I still want this, I treasure Dayne and I look forward to the days ahead with our family. Jason is a fantastic dad and an amazing husband and I am growing to be a great mom. I remind myself of this every day because it's true. I wouldn't trade what I have now for my "past life" - I know it'll get easier and I know that I'll have this all figured out sooner or later - or at least close to figured out. I know my belly will bounce back one day and my stretch marks will fade. I know Dayne will thrive on formula and won't hate me for using his swing as a crutch when I need a little me time.

I just didn't know that I went into motherhood so blind, all of my friends made it look so easy and I found myself floundering and doubting myself and if I was cut out to be a mom. I just need to find that balance between being myself and being a mom to Dayne and being a wife to Jason. There is no book, magazine, blog or mom who can prepare you for becoming a mom for the first time because until you go through it, you truly have no idea.

I keep clinging to the moms who tell me it's the most challenging yet rewarding job of my life. They made it through the first few months and they are the ones who assure me it gets easier, things get better and I'm not alone in my feelings. I just thought I'd share my first two weeks as mom - and maybe if you find yourself feeling the same way you'll know you're not alone and take comfort in the fact that it's normal. And it does get better.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birth Story

Dayne Spencer is here! He was born on 3/8 his due date was 3/3 but at my last doctors appointment no progress had been shown from the last week. They scheduled me for an induction on Monday, 3/7 but we all had the high hopes I'd go into labor on my own before the induction was needed. I spent the weekend walking, bouncing on the birthing ball, eating spicy foods, climbing stairs, eating pineapples, driving over bumpy roads...anything to kick-start labor.

I was told my induction was moved to a stand-by which sent me into a crying frenzy - my doctor was really getting in the hospital's face about making sure I was brought in as originally planned and finally after updates all weekend with the same "You're still a stand-by but I'm working on it", Sunday night at 9 PM the hospital called and told me to show up at 6 AM. I went to bed thinking I wouldn't be able to sleep with all the excitement but drifted off into my last deep sleep for a very long time. The alarm went off Monday morning and Jason & I were up and getting ready. Before we knew it, it was 5 AM and we were scrambling for the door by 5:30 to make it there in time.

It was a surreal experience walking through the hospital doors, taking the elevator up to Labor & Delivery and checking in with the nurse on duty. I filled out a few pieces of paper and signed for a "minor" for the first time in my life. I was brought back to my labor, delivery & recovery room, put into a hospital gown and waited for Dr. Helmick to arrive to check me out. She did another internal check and I had made no progress at all since Wednesday. They hooked me up to an IV with saline solution and broke my water at 7:00 on the nose. About an hour later they brought in pitocin and added it to my IV to help start the contractions. I had two external monitors on my belly, one to track Dayne's heartbeat and one to track my contractions. It was interesting to watch the waves on the monitor.

My mom and Jason's parents hung out in the room while the "easy" part of labor was going on, they kept the mood light and Jason spent a lot of time bringing me clear fluids and raspberry sorbet. No solids until after the baby was born...I was starving! I finally asked for my epidural when I was around 5 cm dilated, the pain was really starting to take over. I sobbed during this part, I was tired, sore, in pain and the idea of that huge needle in my back really freaked me out. Jason was awesome, crouched by my feet and making sure I kept my eyes on him. He was beyond amazing through everything. After the general pain med went in I didn't really feel the epidural and within about 10 minutes the pain was gone and I was able to rest.

After that I was "grounded" to my hospital bed, they removed the external monitors and I had two internal monitors put in to track things. The doctors and nurses were taking the induction slowly, allowing my body to get use to each increased contraction and not forcing things to go too quickly. They even turned the pitocin down after the epidural because my contractions were getting too close together. So as 11 PM came and went we knew our baby wasn't going to be born that night but we hoped early the next morning. Around 1 AM I woke up in serious back pain, I was in tears and the alarms were going off on my monitors, causing the nurse and resident doctor to sweep into our room to check things out. The epidural wasn't working on my back, Dayne was facing the wrong way so I was having major back labor and feeling every bit of it. My temperature was up and Dayne's heartbeats were hanging out at the 200 level. All of these things made the staff uneasy, Dr Helmick came in and said they were putting me on antibiotics to bring my temperature down and hopefully bring Dayne's heartbeat down as well. If they didn't, they wanted to do an emergency c-section. They also came back in to adjust my epidural amount in hopes that my back would be numb soon as well. Each of my legs felt like they weighed 500 pounds and it was very difficult to doing any of the moving they needed, between the nurses and Jason they were able to shift me around as needed.

They had me on all fours leaning on a bean bag in hopes to help Dayne turn the correct way, I fell asleep for about an hour that way. Jason said he stood by my bedside for a while to make sure I didn't fall over in my sleep. I woke up and my back was still killing me so they upped the epidural again, letting me fall back asleep and get the rest I needed. At 4:30 I woke up in a sweat and was sure the nurse was going to come in and tell me my temperature was still up and they were going to prep me for a c-section. But I was feeling the urge to push like the doctor said I would once the contractions were where they needed to be. The nurse did come in, checked my temp and told me not only was it down but so was Dayne's heartbeat!

The resident doctor came in soon after that to check things out, I was 100% effaced, 10 cm dilated and Dayne was at a +2! I had slept through the rest of my hard labor. My doctor was delivering another baby in the next room over and told the nurses to let me continue to labor until she was ready. Around 6:50 AM she walked through my door, checked me out and congratulated me on getting to where I was - it was time to do a few practice pushes. I had my nurse on my leg, Jason on the other and the doctor coaching me through. It was just the four of us in there and I wouldn't have it any other way. After two pushes she seemed happy with how things were progressing so she said to do another one. At this point Jason looked at her and said "We're pushing until there's a baby?" She smiled and said yes!

The pushing wasn't painful at all with the epidural, the worst was I gave myself a headache from holding my breath and pushing. It wasn't until Dayne crowned and the doctor told me to let him sit there for a bit to prevent tearing that really hurt. I whimpered through the longest minute of my life, pushed a few more times and felt the most unreal feel when his head was out. Dr. Helmick told me to reach down and finish delivering him. With my hands under his armpits I pulled him up onto my chest and felt the biggest relief in my stomach where he had once been curled up.

Jason looked at me in tears and said "This is our son" - he had known since week 20 we were having a boy and had kept it quiet the entire time. I let him have the honor of telling me the gender in the delivery room. They cleaned him off me on my stomach and then Jason was able to cut the cord. Dayne was hustled over to the baby warmer and Jason followed close behind after I told him to go check him out. I had "superficial" tearing and they stitched me up while I tried to check out my son between the bodies huddled around him. I was in shock it was a boy because I was 110% positive it was a girl. When they put him on the scale all I heard was Jason say "That can't be right!" Dayne weighed in at 8 lbs 15.5 oz and was 21 1/4" long. What a BIG boy! No wonder I had such a big stomach.

Dayne had a slight breathing problem, he still had some of the fluid and gunk from in utero in his system and made a very harsh breathing sound, they attempted to latch him on to me to start breastfeeding but his breathing worried the lactation consultant. They brought in the doctor from the NICU to check him out and she was able to feed him .5 ML from a bottle so we knew his sucking reflex and his nose breathing were fine and would go away soon enough. They had us and the nurses administer saline drops in his nose every 4-6 hours to help clear things up.

I was finally able to hold him about a half hour later and check him out, Jason & I had two names picked out for a boy - he was leaning towards the opposite one I wanted, I said I really loved the name Dayne and he said "Then Dayne it is!" Jason's mom & dad and my mom came in soon after that for about five minutes before we kicked them back out. We really wanted that two-hour time frame to bond as a family and just relax. The first order of business, after checking out Dayne, was to order breakfast. They couldn't get it to the room fast enough and I inhaled every bite. After an hour they let me get out of bed and take a shower, the shakiest shower I've ever had and was very thankful for the support bars and bench seat!

We were moved to our "Mommy & Baby" room soon after that and got settled in for our 48 hour stay since my water had been broken for more than 24 hours, they wanted to keep an eye on both Dayne & myself to make sure there were no infections. That first night I spent most of the evening watching Dayne's chest move up and down, terrified he would stop breathing because of his nose issues. At one point I did hear him start to gag a bit and rushed over to his bassist. He was struggling to get air in so I started thumping his back to get whatever it was, out. Jason woke up at that point and checked him out too, I said "I think he's turning blue!" He rushed out to the hall, grabbed the night nurse who promptly thumped him three times on the back and induced the most beautiful wail I've ever heard.

Dayne was still trying to get all the fluid out of his system and I kept a much closer eye on him after that. His nose breathing cleared up the day we left the hospital and we had not had another gagging scare since then either. He's a fantastic sleeper, he loves his schedule so far and I'm adjusting the best I can. I had planned to breastfeed but my supply was very limited, so we've been supplementing with formula and I pump as often as I can to get things moving. I will probably pump most often and breastfeed when we can - but I'd love to have him on 100% breast milk before I go back to work next month. I am accepting the fact that Dayne may very well get a mixture of breast and formula but that's OK, he's being fed, he's healthy and I'm getting through the day (and night).

Jason has been nothing short of fantastic and has been there for me every step of the way. I started experiencing baby blues the day we came home from the hospital and without a word Jason stepped up double time to make sure Dayne and myself were OK. I am so beyond blessed and lucky to have such a healthy baby boy and a husband who I cannot imagine living without. My family & friends have been amazing as well, checking in on us and making sure everything is OK.

We're still getting the hang of things but I know we'll get there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crunch Time

People kept telling me that the last month of pregnancy would drag on, so far for me that hasn't been the case. I feel like Baby M's due date is sneaking up on me and every time I see that date get closer and closer I feel like I haven't finished everything! I keep reading that the nesting instinct is suppose to kick in, where you get that surge of energy and just want to clean and clean and clean. When I get home from work I can barely keep my eyes open and the couch has become my favorite spot. Maybe that's why I'm still gaining weight at each weekly checkup....

Things I need/like to do in the next two weeks:

  • Figure out a new phone - hopefully. My current one is totally useless unless it's plugged into the charger which means it's not really a "cell" phone - it's a land line I can take with me places. I could get a new battery but I've been wanting a new phone for a while now. So I'm waiting to see if Jason's new job will provide him one so I can sign a new contract with my current provider.
  • Buy stamps - simple yet I have not found the time to stop by the post office to do so.
  • Finish & mail out thank you notes from showers. I have finished up one of my three showers and now have a list of people I still need to write thank yous to. I am thankful but the last thing I want to do when I get home is to write thank you cards, I'm evil. I should be cleaning the house but I'm not even doing that.
  • Get our tax information into our CPA friend so she can do our taxes for us. I'd just feel better knowing she has all our info so she can do them when she has a free moment. I know once Baby M shows up I'll probably forget I need to get her that stuff.
  • Look into refinancing the house - I've been after Jason to do this for a while, hopefully he gets the ball rolling on this. I'm ready to bring our mortgage down!
  • Get baby clothing from a friend of ours, she said she has a few totes of items we can have. So I need to get those and then do a marathon washing & folding session on everything. Baby clothing seems to be the one item I don't mind washing.
  • Freezer meals - I want to get going on these and Jason keeps holding me off. I'm afraid because of that I'm not going to get around to doing them. But I'm still hopeful.
  • I need Jason to write his part in the baby book we have so I can pack it in the hospital bag. I want to have them put Baby M's footprints on the page itself.
  • Pack the coming home outfits for Baby M. I have a boy & a girl outfit ready to go - I just need to pack them up. Again - laziness?
  • We need to check all the smoke alarms to make sure the batteries don't need to be changed. Look how paranoid I am now that we have a baby coming into the house.
  • Buy new fire extinguishers. See - again - paranoid.
  • Put list of emergency numbers on the fridge - I suppose this could wait until after Baby M.
  • Move the glider upstairs - it's currently on the first level living room, I want it on the second level family room area. Then once Baby M is sleeping in his/her own room, in the third level nursery.
  • Install the car seat and the mirror
  • Buy an additional base for the car seat
  • Sort through the information I've collected over the past nine months and figure out what I want to keep and what can be thrown away.
  • Get my yearly student loan information mailed out
  • Buy the waterproof mattress covers for the crib
  • Figure out how to tell my customers I'm going to be on maternity leave soon...
  • Bring diapers/wipes to the IL's so they have enough to get by without buying any themselves.
  • Buy a hole punch and binder for 2011 important paper work.
  • Figure out what batteries we need for the million baby items we now have and how many.
  • Get oil changed in car today.
That list makes me cringe. How am I getting this all done in two weeks? If I even have two weeks left. I know, I have to prioritize and I will...but I'd love to have this all crossed off by the time Baby M shows up so I can focus on him/her. Maybe this is my nesting...I write lists...not clean.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Baby Shower #1

My first baby shower was given this past Sunday by my mother in law for Jason's side of the family. The high that day was about 19 but the sun was shining! Jason & I got there early to help set up, the place was a little bed & breakfast in our area. We had tomato bisque soup, chicken salad wraps, potato salad, home made zucchini bread made by my father in law, home made lemon poppy seed muffins made by Jason's aunt and of course, cake!

Jason took off before the guests showed up but swung by after the gifts were opened to say thank you to everyone and help pack up. Everyone tried to get him to confess the gender and gave their best guesses as to what they believed I was carrying. True to his word, Jason has kept tight lipped this entire time. He said it's been hard sometimes because he wants to engage in some conversations but can't without giving away the gender. Soon enough! I've got just over 5 weeks left!

Here are a few pictures of the festivities.

Jason & I with the diaper cake his mom made us

The Goodbye Tummy, Hello Mommy cake

The Newborn Boppy Lounger & spoons

Our swing - given to us by Jason's mom

We were so lucky to receive so many items for the baby, it just seemed like never ending gifts that day! And to know I still have two other showers to attend makes me feel more blessed to have so many people who are just as excited about our baby as we are. There is nothing better than feeling how soft all the baby's items are. Jason & I spent the rest of the day unpacking the gifts, pulling tags off, separating items and putting things away. It's been so fun to watch the nursery come together more and more. It's also amazing to see the items slowly start taking over our house and moving items around to make room!