Friday, November 5, 2010


When Jason bought our house, the first level was painted baby blue and baby pink. That's right, together. We're not sure of the look the old owners were going for. The fireplace was brick, which they painted pink. Jason, being a single guy at the time - wasn't too big of a fan. He fully intended to redo the entire first level, at some point.

Then he and I started dating and he got more serious about the re-model, pulling paint samples and buying new fixtures. But that is as far as it got. About two years ago the actual demo and remodel started. We painted, added chair railing, framed the windows, got new window treatments, added a closet to hide the boiler.

But the biggest job was that fireplace - the elephant in the room, also the most expensive fix. We had the stone we wanted for it sitting in our garage but Jason wasn't sure how to go about putting it up. Two summers ago we had a chimney sweep come out and clean out our chimney since we had been using it a lot during the winter. He took one look at our chimney and told us we had two options, rebuild or buy an insert.

We bought the wood burner insert - the obvious less expensive of the two choices and have been loving it ever since. When we had the wood burner installed, the guy told us he could do our stonework for us at a really great price! So we hired him and this past week he came out and had the stonework done in two days! I'm so happy to have a finishing touch to the room now.

We still have a few more improvements we plan on making but as of right now, we're really happy!


  1. Wow!!!! That looks awesome!!!!! You seriously must be so happy with it. It really is the centerpiece in the room now.

  2. We just converted our gas fireplace to a woodburning one . .it's awesome. Love the sotne work around yours.