Monday, November 22, 2010

Keeping Faith

When her parents divorce, seven-year-old Faith finds a friend who supports her--a friend who may be imaginary. Is Faith a prophet or just a troubled little girl? From the acclaimed author of The Pact comes a provocative novel about belief, betrayal, and miracles, and the fierce love of a mother for her child.

**Personal Thoughts**

I had read some so so reviews on this book so I was expecting something I'd have to struggle through to finish. I was surprised and happy to find I was easily sucked into the story line of this book. I thought she did a great job in keeping the plot line flowing, there was never a spot in the story where it dragged on and gave you unneeded information. I do wish she would have expanded more on the ending I have a few questions I would have liked answered. Overall though, great story!

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