Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Love 21 Maternity Starter Pack by Forever 21

I always enjoy popping into Forever 21 for a cute, trendy top because I know I won't spend an arm & a leg on it. So if it's out of style next season, into the donation pile it goes! When I got pregnant my stores to visit were very narrowed. I was thrilled to hear Forever 21 is starting a maternity line - cute clothing for cheap? Always a great thing to hear when shopping for maternity clothing. You don't want to break the bank for items you're only going to wear for a few months.

Pregnancy & Newborn magazine
had a Facebook giveaway for the Forever 21 Maternity Starter pack, the picture above is actually three different pieces. A tank top, a belly band and a pair of leggings. So you can wear each piece as needed with different outfits. Best of all? I won! I can't wait to get these rotating into my collection!

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