Friday, November 5, 2010

Nursery Update #1

I don’t have a before picture, Jason got to the nursery before that was able to happen. But I’ll do my best to paint a picture in your mind for those who have never seen it. We live in an “A” frame house and the nursery is one of the two bedrooms on the top floor. So the roof is actually the wall on two of the four sides of this room. It reaches a peak in the middle – forming an “A”. We have two 90° walls – the doorway to enter the room and the wall with the windows on it.

The two straight walls had cedar paneling on it – the real stuff, not the fake stuff people put up many years ago. The beams from roof made up the two slanted walls so the entire room was wood. It was also poorly insulated so in the summer it was like a sauna up there and in the winter there were times you could see your breath. All that was up there was our computer so we never really cared.

Now that our baby is going to be calling that room home we (Jason) decided it was time for a major overhaul. I came home one day to a pile of wood on our driveway from the demo work Jason had done while I was at work. He pulled the cedar paneling off the wall, tore out the useless closet that you couldn’t access more than two feet of, ripped up the carpeting and padding and tossed it all out the window.

You can see somewhat the demo in this picture. That is the door leading to the loft area and to the right is what is left of the closet. The left side is where the light switch is – that was all covered with the cedar paneling. The slanted walls have not changed from before to now. That is what they looked like previously, that’s the bottom of our roof!

We ordered in ridged insulation and 2x4s for framing the slanted walls and getting them ready for insulation and dry wall. Jason and his crew of friends helped him frame and insulate the room. Here is the framing in progress:

In the left corner of this picture is the doorway to the loft area of this level. Next to that is what is left of the sorry excuse for a closet and the cubby hole above it that we use for storage. (An “A” frame house means no attic)

In this picture you can see where Jason added insulation to the wall that faces the outside of the house. The encasement window will also be replaced for more insulation.

The ridged insulation is being attached to the walls in this picture

And the finished product here

In the next update hopefully we will show you:

  • The framed in closet
  • The new window
  • The new door
  • Drywall

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