Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crunch Time

People kept telling me that the last month of pregnancy would drag on, so far for me that hasn't been the case. I feel like Baby M's due date is sneaking up on me and every time I see that date get closer and closer I feel like I haven't finished everything! I keep reading that the nesting instinct is suppose to kick in, where you get that surge of energy and just want to clean and clean and clean. When I get home from work I can barely keep my eyes open and the couch has become my favorite spot. Maybe that's why I'm still gaining weight at each weekly checkup....

Things I need/like to do in the next two weeks:

  • Figure out a new phone - hopefully. My current one is totally useless unless it's plugged into the charger which means it's not really a "cell" phone - it's a land line I can take with me places. I could get a new battery but I've been wanting a new phone for a while now. So I'm waiting to see if Jason's new job will provide him one so I can sign a new contract with my current provider.
  • Buy stamps - simple yet I have not found the time to stop by the post office to do so.
  • Finish & mail out thank you notes from showers. I have finished up one of my three showers and now have a list of people I still need to write thank yous to. I am thankful but the last thing I want to do when I get home is to write thank you cards, I'm evil. I should be cleaning the house but I'm not even doing that.
  • Get our tax information into our CPA friend so she can do our taxes for us. I'd just feel better knowing she has all our info so she can do them when she has a free moment. I know once Baby M shows up I'll probably forget I need to get her that stuff.
  • Look into refinancing the house - I've been after Jason to do this for a while, hopefully he gets the ball rolling on this. I'm ready to bring our mortgage down!
  • Get baby clothing from a friend of ours, she said she has a few totes of items we can have. So I need to get those and then do a marathon washing & folding session on everything. Baby clothing seems to be the one item I don't mind washing.
  • Freezer meals - I want to get going on these and Jason keeps holding me off. I'm afraid because of that I'm not going to get around to doing them. But I'm still hopeful.
  • I need Jason to write his part in the baby book we have so I can pack it in the hospital bag. I want to have them put Baby M's footprints on the page itself.
  • Pack the coming home outfits for Baby M. I have a boy & a girl outfit ready to go - I just need to pack them up. Again - laziness?
  • We need to check all the smoke alarms to make sure the batteries don't need to be changed. Look how paranoid I am now that we have a baby coming into the house.
  • Buy new fire extinguishers. See - again - paranoid.
  • Put list of emergency numbers on the fridge - I suppose this could wait until after Baby M.
  • Move the glider upstairs - it's currently on the first level living room, I want it on the second level family room area. Then once Baby M is sleeping in his/her own room, in the third level nursery.
  • Install the car seat and the mirror
  • Buy an additional base for the car seat
  • Sort through the information I've collected over the past nine months and figure out what I want to keep and what can be thrown away.
  • Get my yearly student loan information mailed out
  • Buy the waterproof mattress covers for the crib
  • Figure out how to tell my customers I'm going to be on maternity leave soon...
  • Bring diapers/wipes to the IL's so they have enough to get by without buying any themselves.
  • Buy a hole punch and binder for 2011 important paper work.
  • Figure out what batteries we need for the million baby items we now have and how many.
  • Get oil changed in car today.
That list makes me cringe. How am I getting this all done in two weeks? If I even have two weeks left. I know, I have to prioritize and I will...but I'd love to have this all crossed off by the time Baby M shows up so I can focus on him/her. Maybe this is my nesting...I write lists...not clean.

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